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Fishing Reports

This afternoon we had the Mike and friends out for some striper fishing. Great fishing all afternoon. Started off jigging on some great readings with all big fish coming up on diamond jigs. Once the readings scattered we set out the spoons and mojos and had a nice pick of fish to finish up the afternoon. Ended the day keeping a fish per person and releasing a bunch more. Several big fish tipping the scales at 43, 42, 43 and 40#.


Ran our open boat trip today. Much better action than yesterday with better conditions. Picked away most of the morning with a few lulls, boxing our limit of unders to 25# and few releases all on bait. 

We have availability next week, check it out in the open boat forum.




Ran our open boat trip this morning. Bounced around all morning looking for some decent conditions. Managed to land a few keepers to 15# and a handful of shorts coming up on eels.


10/5 AM- This morning we had out Rich Murphy and friends for some bass fishing. Started off slow, but once we got the tide the guys managed to make the bites count landing their limit of unders to 20# and releasing a few.

PM - This afternoon we ran our open boat trips. Unfortunately fishing was very tough for us. They guys worked hard all afternoon, but we could only come up with a few blues and unfortunately lost a bass.

10/6 AM - Ran our open boat trip this morning. Was greeted with a lot more wind than expected. Tough fishing overall with only 2 keepers and a few blues coming into the boat. Called the trip early due to deteriorating conditions.


9/25 - Ran a local evening striper trip. Started off slow with wind against and lousy conditions. Towards the end of the night the conditions became better and the fishing picked up a bit. Managed a keeper around 14# and 3 slot fish for the evening.

9/26 AM - Had Matt and crew out. Tough conditions all morning with wind against tide, but the guys fished hard boxing 3 keepers to 15# and a few shorts.

9/26 PM - Ran our open boat trip this afternoon. Started out with tough conditions with wind against tide. Once the tide got better we managed to land 2 nice keepers before conditions deteriorated again. Took a ride and found a nice bite to finish up the night. Ended up boxing 4 keepers to 18# and our limit of 5 "bonus" fish.

9/27 - Ran our open boat trip this morning. Nice pick of fish all morning boxing our limit of unders to 17# and releasing a bunch of other keepers and a few shorts before calling it an early morning.


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