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AM- This morning we had our open boat guys out. Left in zero viz and pretty much had that all day. Found some decent readings and managed to land 3 shorts. Took a ride a found some better fish on the mojos. Managed to land around a dozen keeper sized fish to 31# (released) on the mojos. Got into some better readings and started jigging and throwing arificals. Landed another 8 before calling it a morning. 

PM - This afternoon we had our open boat guys out. Headed right to the area where we left them and ran into the gannets and some great readings. The guys went to work and it was insane. 2 to 5 fish on at a time for 2 hours. The guys landed somewhere around 65-70 keepers before the bite died. Fish ate everything thrown at them (shads, jigs, plugs). 

We have availability this coming week and next, check it out in open boat forum.


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