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AM- This morning we had the Ron Schwarz charter on board. Loaded the wells in one throw and headed to the grounds. Put the mojos out to look around and finally found some readings. Set up with the chunks and had a nice pick all morning landing around 15 keeper sized bass to 24# (ORL) and releasing the rest as well as a 10# blue.

PM- This afternoon we had the Paul Rubee charter on board. Headed right to where we left them, but they were gone. Did little looking around and found some incredible readings. Had fish coming up on the live bunkers right away, but with the clean water it was hard to get them to eat them. Grinded away on the readings and landed around a dozen keeper bass to 25# (ORL) on live bunkers and plugs. Made a stop on the way home on some bait and caught another 2 keepers (released) on metal lips to end the evening.


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