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Fishing Reports

We have been striper fishing on our last few trips. Some trips have been better than others, but we have been seeing a mix of keepers and shorts. Last few trips have seen fish to 38# with some releases.


6/8 AM- Had the Rocky Ruggerio charter on board. Had a slow pick of bass to 15# with some blues to 10# on live and chunked bunkers. 

PM- This afternoon we had the Christine Eng charter on board. Slow afternoon with lousy conditions. Unfortunately all we could come up with was a mess of monster blues to 15# but unfortunately couldn't find any bass.

6/9 - This morning we had out the Paul Rubbe charter. Headed off to so some searching before the wind came on, and had a nice pick of bass to 23#(ORL) with a few releases and some blues mixed in.


AM- This morning we had the Dave Leo charter on board. With the slow fishing yesterday, we gave the guys to go looking for a big one or to go searching for action. Decided to go for broke and go look for a trophy. Unfortunately the fishing was very slow with only one uncommitted bite for the day.

PM- This afternoon we had the Pete Einfalt charter on board. Loaded the wells and went on the search. Came across some decent marks and had a pick of bass and blues for the afternoon landing 5 keepers to 20# and blues to 10#.


Ran our open boat trip trip today. Loaded the wells, and went to where all the life was yesterday. Had tons of bait but unfortunately all the bass had disappeared. Worked over several different areas with the same results. Only could manage two nice fish tipping the scale at 45# and 33# and a short for the day.


This morning we had the Phil Keating charter on board. Loaded the wells and went to where we left them last night, but all the life had vanished. Searched around and set up on some readings. Managed to land 4 nice keepers quick before we lost conditions. Got a call from a friend and took a short ride, where we were greeted to acres of bass rolling on bunker schools for the next few hours. The guys managed a great catch of bass (ORL) to 23# on live bunker and poppers with plenty of releases.


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