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Fishing Reports

Incredible bass fishing again today for the Paul Rubee charter with fish being taken on shads and a few on the mojos while we were looking around. Big fish tipping the scale at 34# and many releases. This is an incredible fishery happening right now, and it’s great seeing the crews being respectful of this resource and releasing the bigger fish to spawn.

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AM- Our open boat trip this morning saw nonstop action from the time the lines went in the water till the time we called it a day. All quality fish this morning with 1 short coming to the boat. Took a few smaller ones for the table and let the bigger ones swim away for another day. Big fish was right around 24#.

PM- This afternoons open boat trip saw a slow start, with a few keepers and shorts being caught on the troll. Took a ride and got into a good jig bite of some bigger fish to 27#. Once again the guys opted to take a few smaller ones for the table and release many bigger ones.

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AM- Had our open boat trip this morning. Had to do a little searching to find what we were looking for, but eventually found it. Had non-stop action from start to stop with fish to 23# with a few smaller fish being taken for the table and man releases. All fish caught on artificals and top water plugs.

PM- This afternoons trip saw very good action again with a quick limit of smaller fish being taken and many releases throughout the afternoon with fish to 20#. Again all fish were caught throwing artificial lures.

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Ran our open boat trip this morning and the guys had absolutely incredible fishing. The guys worked the shads hard from start to stop and never had a lull in the action, boating more than 100 stripers for the day with the biggest tipping the scale at 32#, and only keeping a few of the smaller males for the table. 

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AM- This morning we had our open boat guys out. Left in zero viz and pretty much had that all day. Found some decent readings and managed to land 3 shorts. Took a ride a found some better fish on the mojos. Managed to land around a dozen keeper sized fish to 31# (released) on the mojos. Got into some better readings and started jigging and throwing arificals. Landed another 8 before calling it a morning. 

PM - This afternoon we had our open boat guys out. Headed right to the area where we left them and ran into the gannets and some great readings. The guys went to work and it was insane. 2 to 5 fish on at a time for 2 hours. The guys landed somewhere around 65-70 keepers before the bite died. Fish ate everything thrown at them (shads, jigs, plugs). 

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