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Fishing Reports

Our open boat trip today saw a slow start again with tough conditions. Picked away here and there throughout the day with shorts and keepers. Ended the day with 20 keepers to 7#.

Dec 27


 Ran our open boat trip. Started off slow with some shorts and a screaming current. Once the current backed off we had a steady pull of keepers and shorts coming into the boat with fish to 8#. Ended the day with 24 keepers.


Had the Paul Rubbe charter out this morning. Got set up and had life right away with shorts and a few keepers coming over the rail at a fast pace until a tide line hit us. Had to adjust several times, but could not get them started again. Bounce around the rest of the day with a pick of keepers and shorts to 7# coming into the boat.

Ran our open boat trip today. Tough anchoring conditions for most of the day with barely any wind. Picked away all day with shorts and keepers coming over the boat. Ended the day boxing 20 keepers to 9#.

an our open boat blackfish trip today. Had a nice steady pick of fish all morning with quality keepers and shorts coming over the rail with fish to 8#. Had a few slobs on, but unfortunately we broke them off. Ended the day boxing 36 keepers (4 short of a full boat limit).Dec 19


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