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Fishing Reports

Ran our open boat trip today. Built the life up and had a nice pick of fish throughout the morning with keepers and shorts coming over the rail. Had a tide line hit us last hour of the day, that slowed the bite but managed a few more. Finished up the day with 25 keepers to 7#


Headed out this morning with Mike and friends. Was greeted to a little more wind and a much bigger swell than predicted. Slugged our way to the grounds and got set up. Good life most of the day with non stop short action with keepers mixed in. Had a tide line hit us around noon and once that hit us it shut the bite down with only a few more shorts coming up. Ended the day boxing 22 keepers to 7#.

Today we had Dan and friends on board. Guys were excited to get out since their annual opening day trip got canceled this year. Started off with a sluggish bite with shorts and a stray keeper here and there. Made a move and found some decent life with shorts and keepers coming over at a nice pace. The crew fished hard through the snow in the morning and at the end of the day wound up a few short of their limit boxing 21 keepers to 6#.


Today we had regular Paul Rubbe out for his annual bday charter. We look forward to this trip every year as Paul takes the boat for himself and invited my mate and myself to fish along side him all day. We had a nice pick of fish all day with non-stop short action and keepers mixed in. Had to work for the bigger fish but managed our boat limit of 15 to 8#.

Ran a last minute open boat trip today with Willie, Andre, Ryan and Jay. Was greeted with a lot more wind then predicted. Slow steady pick with a lot more shorts today. Fish would come in shots and when they seemed like they were going to start chewing, they would back right off. Ended the day with 18 keepers to 8#.

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